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LiuLon (882037) 28in1 Electric Screwdriver

Original price was: Rs.1,999.00.Current price is: Rs.1,448.00.
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  • The Screwdriver Electric Minimalistic design.
  • Resistant, compact, portable, handy, and multifunctional.
  • Precision Screwdriver Electric Anodized aluminum.
  • 25 magnetic precision tips in S2 steel, hardness 60 HRC.
  • Tip magnetizer integrated into the case to re-magnetize them at any time if necessary.
  • Magnetic compartment for storing the tips.
  • Long-lasting 350mAh lithium battery.
  • USB Type-C port for charging.
  • 3 Nm of electric torque.


LiuLon 51in1 Electric Screwdriver Set

Original price was: Rs.1,999.00.Current price is: Rs.1,698.00.
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  • Highly transparent outer box, good visibility.
  • Flip cover design, eight magnets adsorption, the bit is placed in the card slot, easy to pick and place.
  • The magnetic adsorption of the batch head makes it easy to disassemble and assemble.
  • Comes with a knob switch to prevent the wrong operation of pressing the button, the knob is step-less speed regulation and the force and speed are arbitrarily selected.
  • Magnetic adsorption bit
  • 4 LED lights provide enough bright spots
  • 48 bits of high-hardness S2 alloy material, 45mm length, to meet various deep holes and screw removal at the obstacle.

LiuLon LL-2024 3in1 Separator + Bubble Remover With Internal Air Compressor

Original price was: Rs.10,999.00.Current price is: Rs.10,498.00.
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  • Liulon  LL-2024 3in1+
  • SS Mattel  Full Body.
  • 3 In 1 Combined Machine
  • 1st Time In Indian Market
  • Separator, Bubble Remover, Compressor All combined
  • Bubble Remover Separator Operating System
  • External Compressor Connection Option
  • 2 Heating Element In Separator Homo-Plate
  • Full-Copper HomoPlate In Single Piece
  • Latest Operating Plc in Bubble Remover and Separator
  • Easy to Use And User-Friendly Operating System
  • Full Automatic Machine
  • Auto-Saner In Bubble Locking System
  • Power cable, base mold & Separator Rubber
  • 1-Year Warranty (6+6)
  • 2 -Year service Support